Christmas at Carrington’s see’s Georgie back with a bang!

Christmas at Carrington's (Carrington's #2)Christmas at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So in the spirit of the festive season I decided to delve into the second book in the Carrington’s department store series by Alexandra Brown aptly named Christmas at Carrington’s. For those who read my blog and reviews avidly you’ll know I had a bit of a split opinion on Book 1 in the series but was willing to give it another go with book 2 and I did approach this with the open mind that I promised.

All of the characters are back in Book 2 and we open with Georgie beginning her relationship with hunky owner of Carrington’s Tom, Sam her best friend and cafe owner trying for a baby and her other bestie Eddie tentatively beginning his relationship with boyfriend Ciaran. It all descends into chaos as a reality TV crew descends on the store a la Mary Portas and Georgie finds herself the laughing stock of the store. Tom disappears on a glamorous world tour of the major fashion houses and Georgie is left wondering what happened to their relationship.

This second book in the series suffers from some of the old issues of book 1 – a gullible and hugely naive leading character who is occasionally a little too cutesy. The story also is a little too similar to book 1 whereby scheming bimbo comes in and tries to “improve” the store leading to mass understanding between Georgie and her beau. Some of the story is a little implausible especially at the end where everyone and their granny seems to be a minor celeb. Overall It is at points just a bit samey….that said… does have something redeeming in it. It still has a great deal of heart. It has a certain feel good factor about it. Some of the relationships are really nicely written and you stick with it for that reason and it makes what would otherwise be an averagely poor book somewhat less average.

I’m in a pickle now though as there is more to come in the series and I’d be disappointed to find another book with cracking potential become another carbon copy of 1 & 2….the characters and relationships have great potential so please Miss Brown don’t let us down!

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