Spalding concludes his Love…trilogy with an Aussie adventure

Love...Under Different SkiesLove…Under Different Skies by Nick Spalding
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This final book in the Love… Trilogy by Nick Spalding was a little bit like Jamie describes in the book that Vegemite is – good but not the same as marmite and upon reflection of all 3 books I would describe the first two as marmite and the third as Vegemite.

In this third instalment of the lives of Jamie & Laura Newman we find them emigrating to Australia where they find themselves living on the Gold Coast living every Australian cliche imaginable.

It is a good book which has some great situational comedy moments but behind this is the struggle the couple are having adjusting to changing dynamics in their relationship with Jamie having to rely on Laura’s income to support them.

Fundamentally some of the comedy is still very funny but for my taste it was a bit less so than the first two books and relied too much on situations steeped in stereotypes of Australia, plus I wanted to give Jamie & Laura a shake and get them to socialise a bit more and get out of their own heads for just a bit. We miss their circle of friends a little in this instalment

This trilogy as a whole has been a joy to read and whilst I have given this book 3 stars it was more like 3 and a half and as an overall reading experience all 3 books I regard with great affection and a new reluctance to handle items in the apple store following a thought in book 2 about just how many germ laden hands have touched devices in their store displays.

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