Bravo Miss Benedetti does it again!

Nicola Benedetti is an absolute legend in my eyes, she is managing to make classical music cool without being overly in your face about it. She doesn’t do loads of hip covers but selects her classical pieces with care to ensure they appeal to the maximum target audience. There’s no electric violin or screeching strings just beautiful mellow pieces played exquisitely.

This album is beautiful to listen to, the opening piece from the Schindler’s List score is haunting and lovely, and from there the album sails off on a range of beautiful pieces. I’m not a classical expert and don’t know composers or often the pieces by name but it doesn’t hinder my enjoyment.

I find this a wonderful album to pop on once the kids have gone to bed and I need to chill out with a glass of wine and some me time. Lovely Miss Benedetti said at the Classical Brits recently that if her music is a way to introduce people to classical music then springboard to finding enjoyment in the other areas of this genre then she’d be happy. God bless you for that sentiment and long may you continue to produce music of this calibre.

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