Amy Dickson delivers a sultry beautiful album

I am a bit of a music geek, I’m not great on chart entries but love anything in the musical/broadway category, jazz and swing or gentle classical musicians. I first saw Amy Dickson on the Classical Brit awards where she won the best newcomer prize.

I was immediately intrigued and had a quick look at some videos on YouTube and then decided to invest in her album and I’m not sorry I did. I’m a firm believer that playing a range of music around your children encourages them to not conform to the stereotypes of their peers and I’ve been playing this around the house as it’s not too heavy and they find it is nice relaxing background music.

Amy Dickson blends classical pieces seamlessly with more American Songbook classics and it makes for great listening. her rendition of The theme from Local Hero is beautiful and I loved so many of the pieces of the album. The only one I was dubious about was Adiu Poirot, it was a little cheesy having the theme to Poirot on the album.

A lovely album and highly recommended


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