House of Secrets left me disappointed and untouched

House of Secrets (House of Secrets, #1)House of Secrets by Chris Columbus
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I wanted to love this book. It’s amazing advertisement on TV, endorsements by Rowling and a great idea for a story I thought it was worth a shot.

That is not to say I didn’t have my reservations before beginning. Written by the man responsible for producing the first Harry Potter movie I imagine access to the ear of Rowling was not too hard, and just because you can turn someone else’s vision into a great film does not mean you can create your own great story.

This book just felt disjointed from the off. It seemed to bounce around like a kid on a sugar rush. The three main characters barely had their back stories laid out before we were off into a strange land. There they seem to encounter all kinds of strange goings on only to have it last 2 pages then stop, then something else comes along and then stops. All of it seemingly leading precisely nowhere.

It talks in riddles about things which may or might have happened, there is no clarity or substance or resolution in the story.

I have to admit to giving up half way through this one because I just didn’t care enough about the lead characters to keep going. I felt each time I opened it I was having to endure it rather than enjoy it and life is full of so many other good books waiting to be read that I just wanted to move on. Disappointed.

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