Murder Club #9 packs a punch

The 9th Judgment  (Women's Murder Club,  #9)The 9th Judgment by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After a little break from Patterson I returned to Women’s Murder Club with 9th Judgement. I’ve been stifling a little with the last few books I’ve read, for some reason my concentration hasn’t been great.

From the moment I started Patterson’s 9th Murder Club book I was hooked and finished it in under 48 hours. It was a brilliant and fast paced instalment reminiscent of the early ones in the series.

A serial killer is on the loose killing mothers and their young babies and caught in the middle is Lindsay Boxer. Tied alongside this story is that of a jewel thief targeting rich couples in San Francisco. Both stories equally intriguing and in this book nicely brought together.

The chapters seemed to fly past and it was nice this time not to have the obligatory court case running alongside the storyline and for focus to be on Boxer.

It is great to read Patterson as he’s so fast paced as a writer and The Murder Club has been a joy to curl up with again.

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