Oz – yes it truly was Great & Powerful

I don’t get the opportunity to go to the cinema very often, I tend to have to wait till the DVD release before I see movies and as such I spent a movie night last night with my husband and 7 year old daughter watching Oz: The Great & Powerful.

I have always been a massive fan of The Wizard of Oz, I credit movies of it’s calibre with sparking my love of all things west end. I also adore the concept and story of the musical Wicked where we learn more about the witches of Oz and so I was just desperate to see how this movie turned out.

The opening sequence being in old style Black & White like the original movie was lovely and such a lovely way to start the movie by acknowledging that Kansas always was monochrome in it’s offerings. Another whirlwind and we are transported to Oz and it is breathtaking.

I don’t remember watching another film before that felt so vivid and clear and beautiful. It is breathtaking. It’s lavish and it is a joy to watch.

The story is a good one, that of how the wizard came to Oz, why the witch is wicked and just what did happen before Dorothy dropped a house on the Wicked Witch of the East. There are some brilliant new characters to discover and parts of Oz we haven’t seen to explore.

My only comment to the negative was it was certified PG but my 7 year old daughter was still a little scared at bedtime thanks to the brilliance of the Wicked Witches played by Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis. They were however balanced beautifully by the innocence and goodness of Glinda played by Michelle Williams.

This film is a joy and a real breath of fresh air, it instantly catapulted itself to near top of my favourite films ever. It is just cinema excellence.

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