Titanic – still standing as one of the greatest films of all time


I can still remember the joy of going to the cinema to see Titanic on it’s opening night – the cinema was queued round the block and the film was so long they offered an interval! What I also remember is just how beautiful this film was on the big screen.

The bit where they move from the present day back to the launch of the Titanic on it’s maiden voyage and we see everyone gathering on the dockside ready to board is absolutely beautiful to watch. It is magical and takes your breath away.

This is a film of two halves – the first focuses very much of the story of Rose – sailing to America to marry the fiance her parents have chosen for her. On the way she meets Jack, a struggling penniless artist who lives life for the moment. Together they embark upon a love affair that sees them battling against the prejudices of a society ruled by class.

The second half of the film is focused on the fate of the Titanic as it hits the iceberg and begins it’s fateful decent into the murky waters of the ocean. We watch as we see the passengers struggling to get room on a lifeboat of which there clearly aren’t enough. We follow Rose & Jack as they struggle to survive and attempt to avoid being intercepted by Roses’ family.

A masterpiece of cinema this film had the biggest budget ever known when it was filmed but it is worth every single penny!

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