Those naughty puppets on Avenue Q

I am a huge fan of all musicals and regularly look for new album releases to purchase even although I don’t have the finances to get to the theatre as often as I’d like. I’ve purchased a few scores recently, most blind having not heard them before but going purely on reviews and the most recent one was Avenue Q.

I had seen a very brief clip of the format of the show so knew what it was about and had also seen the Explicit Lyric warning on the album so had a fair idea of what to expect. What I didn’t expect though was such a witty, lyrically excellent and melodic musical. I downloaded this very late one evening and listened to it only once that evening and yet the very next day I found myself singing lines from a few of the songs which had instantly stuck with me. Having now listened to it several times I find it an ouststanding piece of work.

The story of the inhabitants of Avenue Q, a mixture of humans and puppets in the style of Sesame Street all living together and going through the crises of life that face us all – love, political correctness, flat sharing, unemployment – this is a very grown up musical despite what the use of puppets might suggest.

I am so pleased I purchased this alum as it has some cracking songs – ‘It Sucks To Be Me’, ‘Purpose’ and ‘Schudenfreude’

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