The Thornbirds…a little guilty pleasure


I was too young to be allowed to watch The Thornbirds on television so cannot remember when in my youth I watched it but simply remember it being a joy to watch. Around a month ago I decided to buy the DVD’s and delve into the world of Meggie and Father Ralph again and I have not been dissapointed.

This is an outstanding adaptation of Colleen McCulloch’s most famous novel, the story of little Meggie the girl who steals the heart of Father Ralph and as she grows tempts him away from his vows and the church is truly romance at it’s greatest. The way in which we find Ralph struggling to reconcile his need for advancement in the church with his ever growing sexual desire for Meggie is compelling viewing and I know many women out there who will forever see Richard Chamberlain in this role as the presonification of male sexuality at it’s greatest.

I have never had such fun as curling up on the sofa the past few weeks, whenever time would allow and often with a nice glass of wine and have loved reliving this drama series which provides a certain comfort as it shows that some of the things from our youth cannot be taken over by special effects or big budgets. Absolutely perfect!!

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