The Notebook is emotive & moving


I was pulling together a database of the movies I own and started to notice that when using the internet to find recommendations of other movies that would be suggested for movies I own this film kept coming up time and time again. I therefore trusted the recommendations and went out and bought this before actually seeing it. I am so glad I did.

This was a truly enchanting movie, the story of Allie and Noah who fall in love despite their differing backgrounds and the dissaproval of Allie’s affluent parents. I found the lead actors, although relatively unknown, were outstanding – Rachel McAdams was beautiful and spirited as Allie and Ryan Gosling was the right blend of handsome and sentimental as Noah.

I also think praise is due to James Marsen for his portrayal of Lon Hammond, Allie’s very loving and charming fiance, I think this role was a challenging one within the movie as he truly did love Allie and was in no way a fiance for her to be running away from – it was simply that her love for Noah was too powerful.

I love the way this is a film that will appeal to young and old alike – the joy of watching the characters in their older age make this film something really special and I would truly endorse this as one of the best romantic films I’ve ever seen.

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