The magical 10th Kingdom – a joy!

When my husband, then boyfriend, bought me my first DVD player many years ago now this was the first DVD I bought to watch on the player. I had heard about The Tenth Kingdom but missed the series on Sky when it was televised so I’d read the book instead and couldn’t wait to see the show.

We sat down as a family to watch this, our stepson was around 10 or 11 at the time and we all were swept away by the story, scenery and acting in The Tenth Kingdom. It is very witty, well written and we couldn’t wait to watch it together each evening. Now if we are looking for something to watch together we still consider this one of our top choices many years later along with classic family films such as Harry Potter.

Now many years after I bought the show I have 4 children, who are now aged 1, 3, 7 and 9- some are a little young yet to watch the show but I cannot wait to sit down with them in a few years and watch as they become mesmerised by the world of The Tenth Kingdom. Only one confusion for me was it’s certificate of 15, many family films released more recently have contained more scary content and been rated as PG or 12 so try not to let this put you off enjoying this as a family.

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