Sprinkling a little Stardust!

My children bought me this one for mothers day and I’ve only just gotten around to watching it, after my husband turned it off after the first 20 minutes some months ago rather unimpressed.

I persevered with it this time and thoroughly enjoyed this light hearted, fun family fairy tale about Tristan’s quest to recover a fallen star (Clare Danes) and take her back with him to the village of Wall to show his love for the village beauty. It was very pacy and I liked the way all the characters were interweaved from the magnificent performance of Michelle Pfeiffer as the beautiful but evil witch seeking the fallen star to maintain her youth and beauty through to Robert De Niro’s heartwarming potrayal of a gay pirate – watching him dressed up in women’s underwear dancing the can can is something I will never forget and was a shrewd move on his part as an actor as it shows he can poke fun at his hard man image.

The scenery in this film is breathtaking and the cameo’s by lots of well known actors (Ricky Gervais, Sienna Miller) are very entertaining and I would thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale.

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