Picoult’s touching novel didn’t translate well to the big screen

This was the first Jodi Picoult book I read and remains to this day my favourite so I was really excited to watch the film adaptation but to be honest it left me dissapointed and underwhelmed.

It started really well – Abigail Breslin was great and Alec Baldwin who I’m not a huge fan of was excellent. However in the book the whole point of the narrative is about Anna – the donor child and the moral dilema of donor children in general. This film has fallen into the trap of being a film about Kate – and no offence here because the story is sad but there are loads of films that have tackled this issue so it didn’t break new ground.

I think they undersold the viewers by not using the books ending which is much more poignant and meaningful to the story. If you have just seen the film and haven’t read the book I beg you to go and read Jodi Picoult’s novel – it still remains one of the few books ever to make me cry.

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