Music, Lyrics & lots of laughs


My husband had bought me this DVD ages ago and with having 4 very young children and little time to watch films unless they’re made by Disney it had gotten forgotten about. So last week whilst my husband sneaked off to watch the football being streamed on the internet I slipped this into the DVD player poured a large glass of wine and settled down to watch Music & Lyrics.

From the very outset as we watch Hugh Grant gyrate his hips as a member of an 80’s pop band it was enchantingly funny. Hugh Grant is clearly not scared to poke a little fun at himself and he is a joy to watch. It quickly becomes clear that his star has faded slightly since his 1980’s heyday as he now finds himself performing at high school reunions where 30 something women scream at him in a fallback to their schooldays, except now he has to contend with their husbands jealousy.

Along comes new pop sensation Cora who asks Grant’s character Alex to write her next hit song. Whilst Alex is great with the music he is absolutely useless when it comes to lyrics, enter Drew Barrymore’s rather cooky character who keeps popping in to water Alex’s plants and who he soon begins to realise has a talent for writing excellent lyrics. Soon he is begging her to join forces with him to write Cora a hit song which will also catapult him back into the spotlight and save his ailing career.

It is a lovely film, we see the king of the Rom Com Hugh Grant provide another stalwart performance which sees him expose talents we’ve never seen before – his singing!!! And Drew Barrymore plays a character we’ve come to know her well for, the cooky slightly off the wall romantic interest.

There’s nothing new in the forumlae of this movie but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable – there are parts which are laugh out loud funny and the two stars have a chemistry that works well on screen. I’m glad I took time out to watch this one.

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