Matthew Morrison leaves behind Broadway for sultry tones

Yes we’ve all come to know and love Matthew Morrison for his role in Glee but to be fair he’s been working tirelessly on broadway for many many years so proving his vocal talent is something he’s never needed to do as a solo performer away from the confines of the show. This first album though has allowed him the scope to release an album not just filled with show tunes or musical standards, or even one filled with Glee covers.

I have to say I really liked the mellow tone of many of the tracks on the album, great to stick on and chill out to. I work from home and need music that’s soothing and good in the background as oppossed to pumping dance tracks and this fits the bill perfectly. My one only criticism is that Gwyneth Paltrow was included on his verion of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, I’m not advocating she be missed off the album entierly just his version of this song (which is the only thing from Glee to have made it to the album)is so beautiful sung just by himself that the addition of Miss Paltrow actually detracts from the song. I’d have been happier to see a colaboration from Morrison and Paltrow on another track.

Loved his cover of Rocket Man with Elton John – to have such a music industry big hitter on the album (along with Sting) really goes to show the regard with which Morrison is held within the inner circles of music at the moment. No doubt this will join the ranks of ‘Glee’ solo albums that will be released in the months and years ahead, joining Mark Salling, Naya Rivera and probably many more. To give him all the credit he deserves though Morrison has hit home with a real winner.

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