Legends of the Fall – a young Pitt at his sensual best


It is many years now since I first saw this film but it’s one of those films that truly earns a place in my collection.

The story of 3 brothers who find themselves all drawn towards the same girl when their brother Samuel brings her home to meet his family before their upcoming marriage. War however is around the corner and whilst the 3 brothers go off to serve in the trenches only 2 of them come home, with Samuel being killed in action.

Suddenly the beautiful fiance is left without a future husband and the remaining 2 brothers find themselves viciously battling for her love and affection. Whilst she is in love with Tristan (Brad Pitt), the wild and untamed one it is Alfred the eldest brother who is utterly in love with her.

A complex and emotional film exploring the effect that war can have upon a family and the complex emotions that can come from being very different to your siblings. Anthony Hopkins gives an outstanding performance as the father of the boys and Brad Pitt and Aidan Quinn play the rival brothers.

An absolute joy of this film is the wonderful setting for the film, wonderful countryside is the perfect backdrop for the story and it is breathtaking on screen.

Well worth curling up on a Saturday afternoon to watch!

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