Henry is back in The Tudor’s Series 2

I have been a fan of Tudor history for some years now and so relished the first season of this very sexy drama – I waited with great anticipation for the second season to come onto BBC and was not dissapointed. Jonathan Rhys Myers reprises his role as Henry VIII, but this is Henry as we’ve never before seen him on screen, young brooding and very very sexy we truly understand how he was able to captivate and bed so many women whilst earning himself a reputation as one of the most famous monarch’s of all time. For me the most intriguing of Henry’s 6 wives has to be Anne Boleyn and I’ve read and viewed much about her story – Natalie Dormer for me translates onto screen as the best Anne Boleyn I’ve ever seen, you can truly understand what it was about her that captivated Henry to such an extent that he broke with the Catholic Church in order to bed and wed her. In this series we see her achieve her ultimate ambition and be crowned queen and watch as her dream begins to unfold as she is unable to deliver to Henry his much longed for son. Dormer’s acting is outstanding as we begin to see Anne’s anguish and overestimation of her powers. The final episode in which Anne is beheaded is truly outstanding and leaves us feeling great compassion for the shamed queen as she tries to remain strong until the end.

With a star packed cast and non-stop action and intrigue there is a reason why this is absolutely my favourite programme on television. I cannot wait for Season 3 to begin so I can continue to follow the story as Henry moves onto his marriage with Jayne Seymour – his most loved wife.

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