Dempsey shakes off McDreamy for a trip down the aisle

I’ve been keen to see this film for a while. One of my favourite romantic comedies is My Best Friends Wedding and this has a very similar storyline.

Patrick Dempsey plays Tom, a playboy who lives life by a set of love rules which mean that he never commits or settles down in a relationship. Instead he lives off the income he makes from being the inventor of those little cardboard sleeves that go round coffee cups to stop you burning your hands. His best friend Hannah is an obsessive museum curator who is longing to find love but spends rather too much time with the trials of Tom’s love life than she does on her own.

When she is sent to Scotland she falls in love with a wealthy Duke and when he proposes instantly asks Tom to be her Maid of Honour, there’s only one catch though Tom has fallen head over heels in love with Hannah and now has to try and convince her not to get married but to give things a go with him instead.

Lots of fun and laughs ensue and although as a Scottish person myself I can state I have never heard any accent even close to those used in the film it’s a great film with some excellent moments. I love Patrick Dempsey and think that he is begining to come into his own with some of the movie roles he has recently been offered having been under utilised before.

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