Bond gets very 21st Century – but loses it’s sex appeal


The first James Bond film I ever saw was at the ridiculous age of twenty something. It was a Pierce Brosnan one and I was blown away by the action, big budget stunts and suave and sexy portrayal of Bond. Since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the films. I was devestated however to learn that Brosnan was being replaced by Daniel Craig and waited with some trepidation for the release of Casino Royale.

Gone are the big budget stunts instead we see a grittier, darker Bond, more reliant upon his physical attributes and strength than his gadgets and ways with the ladies. The storyline is less built for a wide cinema audience and more for Bond experts who have read the books, followed the films closely.

This step change in the films brought some mixed reviews – you either loved or hated it – I found it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected – I still miss Brosnan like mad but Craig was never a replacement for his Bond it was about taking it back to basics and they have achieved that well.

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