Blake continue to struggle for Il Divo’s crown

I’ve been a big fan of Blake – owning both their previous albums and enjoying their crossover style which they do really nicely and in a way that feels different from their contemporaries like Il Divo because theres sometimes a more modern twist.

I couldn’t wait to download the new album and did so yesterday to find a bit of a mix of songs, some outstanding and some really not so good. The first 2 tracks were really good – With or Without You is excellent, I’m not a big fan of the original track but really liked this version and as a huge fan of Les Miserables was delighted to see the inclusion of Bring Him Home which is as good as I anticipated. Bridge Over Troubled Water for me has never been a favourite song – often overdone by too many artists I wasn’t overly fussed on this one. But it picks up again with Abide With Me which I thought was sung beautifully and I liked Blake’s take on the song. La Califfa is okay but again it picks up with She – one of the most beautiful songs ever written and may now appeal to my husband who likes the song but doesn’t like the Elvis Costello version. The next 4 tracks are okay but none stood out to me as excellent until I got to Unsung Hero which is truly one of the best songs on the album. When A Child Is Born is no doubt on there as we are fast approaching Christmas and I love it also.

All in all it really is a blend of some tracks which are stand out and some which are so blend in to the other crossover albums out there that it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Would I purchase their next album – yes, yes,yes – because on the tracks where they have got it right they are absolutely outstanding.

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