Armageddon – the action movie with heart

I am not a great fan of end of the world disaster movies, however, some years ago now I went to the cinema to see Armageddon and was truly pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

If you like lots of action a la Bruce Willis then this film does not dissapoint as we watch his character Harry Stamper and his motley crew of drillers head off into outerspace to try and blow up an asteroid which is on a collision course with earth. The special effect are great and there are lots of laughs as we watch these unlikely astronauts go through a crash course in space travel.

What really got me about this film though was it’s softer side, the relationships between Harry and his daughter (Liv Tyler) and his affectionate dislike for her boyfriend and his protege played by Ben Affleck. Were it not for this being beautifully woven into the storyline then it would not have had such an impact on me. Instead I can admit to having tears in my eyes at the end of this film so touching was it.

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