Still the feel good musical for summer

I went to see this at the cinema with my mum and sister at a time when I was feeling a little down and a bit stressed out. I came out of the cinema having had the time of my life. From the picturesque scenery that is nothing short of a tourism advert for Greece through to the song and dance routines of the ABBA songs we’ve all grown up with and seem to know instinctively.

This hands down wins my choice for a film to pop on if your looking for a chance to have a bit of a sing along and dance around the sitting room. This film was much wittier than I had expected and the acting from Julie Walters and Colin Firth are outstanding. Pierce Brosnan’s singing may be a little on the ropey side but he can be forgiven that as he is such attractive eye candy. Meryl Streep is wonderful and newcomer Amanda Seyfried has the voice of an angel and the duet from the two of them ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ is lovely and brought tears to my eyes.

Whether it’s a girly night in or just a bit of a cheer up your looking for Mamma Mia hits the mark. Absolutely outstanding!

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