A Great Big Fish I Love To Keep Revisiting

There are very few films I could name from recent times that are quite so magical as Tim Burton’s Big Fish. I bought this on DVD many years ago in the bargain basement bin of a second hand store.

I didn’t expect much and I wasn’t sure quite what it was all about. What I got was one of the most amazing movie experience’s ever, this is a view I’m not alone in sharing. My husband watched it with me one day some years ago and also fell in love with it and all of our children old enough thus far to have shared it with us have found it to be a film they are always keen to revisit.

It seems on paper a strange story. A larger than life man Edward Bloom is reaching the end of his life, in failing health he welcomes his adult son and his wife home to share his final days. Father & son have lost faith with each other though as his son feels he doesn’t know who his father truly is.

Brought up his whole life on his father’s tales of his life, each story larger and more elaborate than the last. Stories of giants, bank robberies, magical towns, circuses and all manner of strange people he feels that no one could realistically have lived that life.

In his father’s final days he seeks to find the truth of his father’s life and instead finds out more about the true nature of love and family.

This is one of those films that you need to suspend reality for, go with the flow and just enjoy. It will reward you ten fold. With an amazing cast featuring Albert Finney as the old Edward Bloom, Ewan McGregor as the young, Helena Bonham Carter, Danny DeVito, Steve Buscemi and Jessica Lange. It truly is an amazing movie experience and perhaps one of the most under rated movie’s ever.

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