Nick Spalding gets it spot on…from both sides!

Love... From Both SidesLove… From Both Sides by Nick Spalding
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s not a new concept that Nick Spalding has come up with for his novel ‘Love…from both sides’ whereby the story of a couple falling in love is told through chapters from each other’s perspectives. Mike Gayle has given us ‘The Hen & Stag Party’ from each side and Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees used to write as husband and wife using this same premise.

It is for that very reason though that I bought this novel. I loved this idea as it’s very funny to see a book which outlines how dating is different for the sexes. In Spalding’s novel we follow Jamie & Laura as they initially suffer the world of singledom and dating. We are pulled along as they initially keep missing the chance to meet and as they both suffer through some truly dreadful first dates. We then eventually see them thrown together and how the path of true love truly doesn’t run smooth.

It is as the cover promises laugh out loud funny at points, at times you cringe and at others Spalding paints a truly emotional and romantic picture. This book was great, it didn’t feel over long which is often the sign of a truly good read especially when you feel you’ve just started but realise you’ve zipped through half without even thinking about it.

Spalding has since gone on to write 2 further ‘from both sides’ books in the series and his characters are sufficiently likeable to want to spend more time with them both exploring their life together and that should be testament enough to the quality of his writing. This was light hearted, good fun and very enjoyable.

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