A Titanic story…The Dressmaker

The DressmakerThe Dressmaker by Kate Alcott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved the cover for this book and the fact that it based initially aboard the fated Titanic made it enticing.

Tess leaves her domestic job on the day the Titanic is due to set sail and finds herself work as a ladies maid to rich fashion designer Lady Duff Gordon. Whilst aboard the ship she meets many people including a sailor and a rich gentleman who both show her more than passing attention.

What was intriguing though is that this story took us beyond the sinking of the ship as Trss and her wealthy employers by way I their status make it onboard the lifeboats and to safety. When they reach America the whole world is looking to find reason for the tragedy and why so many perished. Suddenly her employers methods onboard their lifeboat are called into question.

This was very well written and the characters intriguing and Tess as a heroine very likeable if a little gullible. The way in which she finds a new life in America using her skills as a seamstress is a really nice part of the story. This book is actually set only in the Titanic setting but it is really Tess’ coming of age story.

She finds herself forging new friendships and questioning those forged on board Titanic. She learns that money doesn’t always buy happiness or loyalty and that love comes from many places.

A highly recommended read.

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