The Bedroom Dilema…

As a mum of 4 children the one thing I would love more than anything else in life (besides healthy, happy family) is a bigger house with a bedroom for each of my children.

Alas, I can only dream. We have 3 bedrooms in our property and since our baby daughter Emmy arrived 19 months ago we’ve gone through various bedroom connotations we can come up with and even tried buying a really good quality sofa bed for our lounge and giving up a bedroom for my husband and I altogether.

After the sofa bed failed to stand up to continual use and had to be returned we’ve eventually decided to put our 3 youngest kids in one room, with Lulu & Sam in a bunk bed and Emmy in the cot. This allows our box room for our eldest son, Logan, who at 9 is needing his own space and a small bedroom for me and hubby.

Now when I say small I mean capable of taking a bed and a chest of drawers (a very small one) but we are happy just to have a room again and somewhere to retreat to when we need some child or partner free time.

So in a desire to maximise our storage in a teeny weeny room we duly went to Ikea and purchased their bed which offers storage within the base and a set of oak legs which would offer room for under bed storage also.

We paid for our bed and delivery and toddled off home to await arrival of our bed. When it arrived 3 days later it was minus the oak legs. Phoned Ikea who informed me that they were no longer in stock and we would need to wait around 8 weeks, but they could send use steel legs to replace them and send out the oak when they became available.

After explaining that the bedroom we are using is minuscule and therefore to fit legs and then have to try and flip the bed to replace them would be almost impossible and that as a storage bed it is not so easy to simply flip it over as and when they could supply them.

God bless them as they eventually tracked the legs down at a London store and duly sent them to us in Scotland. They arrives yesterday and so today I’ve got my husband building our lovely new bed.

There are a million screws and bits and pieces and sometimes the building of flat pack furniture can be a divorce trigger for couples but he has been doing an admirable job and has managed practically on his own.

So tonight for the first time in around 6 weeks I will have a proper bed. No more sleeping on our mattress on our floor like students. Comfort and luxury awaits so you’ll forgive me if I trot off to bed at around 7pm this evening. I shall be luxuriating in my big new comfy bed.

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