Visiting an old favourite author of mine

The Flight Of SwallowsThe Flight Of Swallows by Audrey Howard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Audrey Howards The Juniper Bush will forever remain one of my favourite books – it is many years old now but is timeless, romantic and a true saga. It has been some time since Audrey Howard emulated the characters in her earlier novel but in The Flight of Swallows she achieves a book of the same magnitude as The Juniper Bush.

The story of Charlotte who at 16 is married to wealthy estate owner Brooke Armstrong who is truly infatuated with her and loves her dearly is fantastic. As they struggle to acustomise themselves to married life, finding enjoyment in different pursuits and trying to gel together whilst being overseen by Charlottes youngest brother who she has asked to have live with them.

Charlotte struggles to maintain her one true passion in life – looking after the destitute pregnant girls in her neighbourhood – putting them work in useful production of rag rugs – her husband is in opposition but loves his young wife and wishes to make her happy so often turns a blind eye so long as she pleases him in the bedroom.

Fantastic – love this book would highly recommend it.

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