One of those marmite books

The Time Traveler's WifeThe Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is perhaps one of the most common books around for dividing opinion. It’s a bit like marmite you either love it or you hated it. I fell absolutely into the loved it camp.

The story of Henry, a man who has the ability to literally move backwards and forwards throughout his own life is truly wonderful. The intertwined story of his love for Claire is one of the most engaging I have ever read. Yes, I can understand why some people find it far fetched and at times difficult to follow. All that jumping around through time means there is no chronological order to this book. Instead we are given snippets of what is to come and teasers and given as to what will transpire.

I loved the chapters where Henry met Claire as a young girl and chatted with her about how she would meet him in her future and they would fall in love. Building a love which she grew inside until the day his premonition came true and she did meet Henry at an age where they could have a loving adult relationship.

It is such a beautiful story that the whole time travelling actually doesn’t need to make sense instead it’s a book about an enduring love and the things we leave behind when we leave this world and those we touch along the way.

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One Response to One of those marmite books

  1. Help Me Help Holly ♥ says:

    Hmm, I’ve always been a bit torn about reading this book. Like you say people either love it or hate it and I guess most people I knew weren’t fans. I found the movie confusing as well and gave up watching it! But I do love a love story, so I may give this one a chance 🙂

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