Freya North – going back to my early twenties favourite author

SecretsSecrets by Freya North
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve been a big fan of Freya North’s books for years now, beginning many years ago with Sally and Cat and I have read all the books as they’ve been released. I was thrilled to spot this on Amazon a few weeks ago as her standard is normally really high.

The story of Tess and her baby girl Em running off to play house sitter to bridge builder Joe’s huge victorian home in Saltburn started promisingly however I found by around 100-150 pages in that it slowed down dramatically. By that point I’d managed to figure out what all the alleged ‘Secrets’ were in the book and therefore I found it a bit of struggle reading the subsequent 200 pages as it really took it’s time in coming to a conclusion.

This is not something that Freya North is normally guilty of, her books are normally pacy and enjoyable however on this occassion I just couldn’t seem to keep my interest in this book, I kept waiting on huge action to start but instead it just kept plodding along.

Am I dissapointed, a little, would it stop me reading another Freya North – absolutely not as this is the exception not the norm from this author.
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