Christmas at Tiffany’s brings Xmas bling

Christmas at TiffanysChristmas at Tiffanys by Karen Swan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On the night of her tenth wedding anniversary Carrie is devastated to find her friend has been having a long term affair with her husband and her friends son is also her husband’s child from that relationship. Torn apart she leaves and hands herself ver to her 3 best friends Kelly, Annouk and Suzy agreeing to spend 4 months with them in New York, Paris then London trying to get over her failed marriage.

The reinvention her friends put her through and the journey of self discovery is a joy to read however it’s the character of Suzy’s brother Henry who brings the book to it’s real meaning as he helps Carrie heal by providing her with a list of things she must see and do in each city she lives. Through these tasks she truly finds herself and begins to move on but is it in the wrong direction and towards someone who is already half way down the aisle.

A wonderful book – billed as a Christmas read I wouldn’t agree I found it so but it was a joy to read and a nice fuzzy story for this time of year for us mum’s needing a break from all the Santa preperation.

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