Louise Douglas’ novel wasn’t the Love of my Life

The Love of My LifeThe Love of My Life by Louise Douglas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are so very many fantastic reviews of Louise Douglas’ novel online that i thought it must be one to rival ‘Me Before You’, people have said it made them weep and was very moving – here’s how I saw it.

Olivia returns to her small hometown after the death of her husband Luca but no one is pleased to see her. Luca’s close knit family treat her as an outcast. there are hints of a big secret to be revealed and early on we become aware of a developing relationship between Olivia and Marc, Luca’s twin.

The book follows a pattern of chapters alternating between present day and years before when Luca & Liv were teenagers. The book has a sense of building towards something and pulls you along nicely BUT the ending I found poor. The big secret is actually not that big and the consequences while upsetting for Liv have no repercussions, no conclusion and subsequently lack emotion.

I wanted to know more about Luca, his marriage,his death and his love for his wife. it’s all quite superficial and surface in the book and subsequent I couldn’t find the emotion other reviewers claimed to.

was it worth the 59p price tag – yes, will I read another Louise Douglas – yes, would I highly recommend it – not really!

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