Like any cupcake once you scraped off the icing the sponge was dry

Cupcakes at Carrington'sCupcakes at Carrington’s by Alexandra Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was really excited about reading Cupcakes at Carringtons, the cover art is lovely and the cover blurb enticing so I made sure I was ready to begin reading this immediately it was delivered to my Kindle.

It sounded like a perfect recipe for a good book – Carrington’s a small department store is failing in the recession and the store and it’s staff (chiefly Georgie in Ladies Accessories) need to downsize staff numbers. How will this impact the store and it’s close knit team, who is the mysterious new salesperson Tom and what exactly does the scheming analyst in charge of the restructure have in store.

I found the book started well but lost it’s way a little – there were a lot of characters introduced very quickly, not touched upon for several chapters then they’d dot up again making me have to think hard about who they were then off they’d flit again for ages. The main character does lack proverbial backbone but to be fair does have redeeming qualities. The love triangle at the books core is a little weak and clearly designed to be followed through into subsequent instalments which adds to the overall lack of closure at the end of the book.

I liked many of the characters and the setting is a great concept but some of the plot lines were over-complicated and under written. I’d give Carringtons another whirl with book 2 but maybe in the Sale this time???

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