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The First Last KissThe First Last Kiss by Ali Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I read the cover blurb for The First Last Kiss I had pretty much figured out the plot of this book but bought it because a friend of mind has recently lived through essentially this story in her own life and she inspires me because of her bravery and strength of character and I loved the fact this book would explore this very subject matter.

The story of childhood sweethearts Molly & Ryan who fall for each other in their teens and the subsequent twists and turns of their relationship is beautifully written. I got a little bit confused with the jumping timeline in the first few chapters and found myself having to go back a couple of times and check the dates things were happening so I had things clear in my mind but once I got into the story I found I soon became familiar with the events and their chronological resonance. If you do find yourself getting a bit frustrated with this as a reader then do not fear it will become clearer…..

Written as a series of flashbacks of the kisses shared throughout their romance we learn how sometimes life deals us a difficult but unexpected hand which makes us realise that life and love are finite and we need to make each kiss count. The ending is lovely and a little unexpected and I found myself crying buckets when reading this book, it made me put it down on several ocassions and seek out my partner to ensure I took time for kissing him.

An absolute triumph!

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